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I loved Belize and am so sad to have left. We will sorely miss the unhurried, relaxed and friendly way of life; the Belizeans; the friends we met; the natural beauty; the wildlife and the warm sea.

fishing village:
Placencia is a tiny peninsula on the south east coast of Belize. Just 12 years ago, it was a fishing village with 12 houses, processing conch and lobster for export to Jamaica. It's fair to say it's been "discovered", but it is still incredibly laid back and just the kind of place you want to be for a beach holiday.

Placencia is lovely, very pretty, with a really relaxed carribean vibe.

Placencia itself is a tiny town perched on the end of a long narrow peninsula. There is only one road, but there is a network of footpaths between the road and the beach where the majority of the town is situated. Essentially you can walk everywhere barefoot. Including to the bars for happy hour.

We arrived in Placencia, Belize on the Caribbean coast. This place was incredible! It was picture perfect; sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, palm trees, and sunshine. There are also a lot of expatriates that have wandered to Belize and never returned to their own country. I spent my days lying on the beach soaking up the sun and swimming in the ocean. The temperature was perfect and the palms made for great shade. Early in the morning, I saw a school of dolphins jumping out of the sea. Placencia has a peaceful, calm, relaxing, and safe feel to it.

The food in Placencia is fantastic. The seafood is divine - I've had shrimp, lobster (a lot!), kingfish, conch..... you name it. Also lots of lovely fresh salads, fantasic gelato from an Italian gelateria, plus I've discovered an excellent brand of organic Belizean chocolate that is to die for!

meet people:
One thing I really like about Placencia is that there is no segregation between locals and tourists. Everyone hangs out at the same place and in fact the locals are delighted to meet you.

barrier reef:
Two days ago we booked another snorkeling trip, this time to Laughing Bird Caye, which is set in a Marine Reserve about 12 miles from Paradise (as I've renamed Placencia). We had a fantastic day, boating out to the little island, which is a tropical paradise. A tiny dot with white sand and palm trees there are some picnic tables and a couple of small structures there, which accommodate the two rangers who live there. The island is surrounded by coral and sea life, so you can only imagine how much fun we had that day.