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Whilst reading health hasards is recommended, Placencia has no record of major disease outbreaks for the last 20 years, except maybe for dengue feaver in the latter part of the rainy season (november - mid december). It's therefore important to select accomodation that
     is not too close to the lagoon (mangroves are ideal breading grounds for bugs)
     is built on a well drained piece of land (no mud pools after a rain storm) that has been cleared from rainforest vegetation
     has no open containers on the premises which accumulate rain water (mosquitos breed in still water)
     has well-screened rooms preferably with air-conditioning.
If you are a person who is allergic to bug bites, avoid going to the beach (sand flies) or lagoon (mosquitos) at surise, dusk, night time or before or after a thunder storm even fully dressed (there's allways one who is smart) and fully sprayed with bug repellent (works a limited time); stay also away from the rainforest.


Whilst reading Belize Travel Safety is recommended, Placencia experiences on average 1 violent incident per year and numerous petty theft incidents like stolen wallets in bars and breaking into houses to steal valuables. It's therefore important to select accomodation that
     is positioned in a well lit area (which is not the case on the beach or in the woods)
     is surrounded by other dwellings preferably inhabited the whole year round by its owners
     has burglar proof entrance doors and windows
     has alarm systems.
Never allow a foreigner into your house or room, even not kids (often report valuable content of your room to the vilains).

fire hasard

In Placencia each year one or more houses (mostly adjacent ones) are completely destroyed by fire. It's therefore important to select accomodation that
     is built in concrete (also substantially less risk of scorpions, tarantulas and cockroaches)
     has its sleeping quarters on the ground floor (easier escape)
     has smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
Don't smoke inside the house or the room.


Placencia is a long (15miles/20km) peninsula with a varying width (from 50 to 800m/yards). All along it has an access road which runs through the Garifuna village of Seine Beight till the most southern point at Placencia Village. It has an airfield 3km/2miles north of the most southern point with some 12 to 15 landing airplains per day. At the East you have the ocean, at the West the lagoon.


The dominant wind direction is North-East, coming from over the ocean. This constant ocean breeze makes the climate so comfortable in Placencia. But it has its draw back for the dwellings on or near the beach: the constant howling from the wind blowing through the rows of palm trees on the beach. If you are allergic at this kind of noise, you better select accomodation that is positioned at least 150 to 200m/yards from the beach.


It rains most of the time at night. And when it rains, it mostly rains havily. The great majority of the houses has metal roofs amplifying the rain noise. To limit that type of noise, select a
     concrete flat roof dwelling
     multifloor house with sleeping quarters on the ground floor.


Local traffic starts at 6am and ends around 8pm, apart from the odd taxi bringing some tourists to their resorts. Since the peninsula is so narrow, there are not that many places where you do not experience traffic noise, apart from the most South Eastern point of Placencia Village with its exclusive condos, the most Eastern villas on Harbour Place and some areas north of the air strip at the lagoon side. The problem is that they are far away from Placencia Village with its profusion of banks, bars, restaurants and shoping facilities and that one tends to have a transportation problem in these locations. Mind you, if you don't mind the wind noise, you can elect a beach dwelling since the wind noise will overstem the traffic noise most of the time.


Airplane traffic starts at 7am and ends around 5.30pm. It's noise impact drops nearly to zero at 1.5km/1mile from the airstrip.


Most bars are located within the most southern 800m/yards of Placencia Village. To be on the safe side, select accomodation from Harbour Place onwards to the north.


Most people are woken by the birds at sunrise.

air conditioning

Although this is also a noise source, many people allergic to noise during the night, like the constant noise of an air conditioner overstemming the other outside noises which are usually already reduced by the louvers or windows which are closed to obtain effective cooling.